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Who We Are

CTCM Consultancy Services Ltd was founded in 2007.  Our Consultants having over 50 years of combined experience in senior decision making positions, both Management and Finance, have put together a full range of services with the vision to assist businesses in their strategies, market reach and operational effectiveness.

Our knowledge base qualifies us to work with businesses of every size and type whether that be small or large, private or public, statutory or charitable. Our years of experience have shown that the difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses are small but the difference in results is huge. Success in a nutshell can be found in having the appropriate business strategy, reaching the right markets around the world and internally operating in an effective and efficient manner that will deliver the strategy to the market at the right time, right place and right price.

We passionately believe the business that understands these drivers will be a market leader and trail blazer.  The ability to put your business operations into that niche of success is what we can deliver.